Marstan collaborates to create beautiful cover for Print Solutions Magazine

Foil Blocking Showcased on the Cover of Print Solutions Magazine, February 2017 edition


Foil blocking takes centre stage as we pull together a collaborative effort to produce possibly the most beautiful cover in the history of Print Solutions Magazine.

Print solutions cover before the foil blocking

The cover before it is foiled – wait for it to come alive with red and gold foil


Paper and the Environment

We printed the base artwork for the cover over the weekend. The material used was our house coated sheet, BVS Silk, kindly supplied by our friends at Ovenden Paper. The job was perfected on our 10 colour printing press, four back four with a neutral sealer and as always with BVS, it ran at top speed (15,000 sheets per hour). With the financial pressures in the global economy it is often easy to forget about the environment. However with Marstan Press you needn’t worry.  We use a vegetable based range of inks, our press plates are made using a 100% chemical free system and alcohol substitutes are used on press to reduce VOC emissions as standard. When you factor in all our operations are done within the scope of our ISO14001 accreditation and that BVS Silk is an FSC Certified material, a lot of eco-print boxes have been ticked! Click on the link below for a short video of the sheets coming out the back of the press.


Print Solutions Magazine Cover Printing Video

Foiling Blocks and Foil

Blocks used in the foil blocking processFollowing the print process we hand over to our colleagues at our trade foil blocking arm at MP Foil Blocking. The covers will be foiled with an intricate design, using two colours. This requires two passes, and one of the Heidelberg Platens has been chosen for the job. The gold foil is placed down first followed, in a separate run by the red foil. Both of the foils have been kindly supplied by the ever reliable Foilco. The foiling blocks used were made of copper with the cost kindly subsidised by UEI Falcontech. UEI produce the majority of our copper, brass and fluted blocks, combining high quality with excellent pricing.

After the foil blocking process is complete, the pallet of foiled covers will be sent up to magazine print, for the text to be perfect bound into.