Order Your 2019 A1 Wall Planners Now

2019 a1 wall planners

2019 A1 Wall Planners

With the installation of our new press earlier in the year, we are now able to print 2019 A1 Wall Planners for your business.


Wall planners are great advertising for your business all year round, often the focus of attention in the office when planning holidays, shift patterns or events. We have designed a simple and stylish 2019 wall planner which you can have printed to give out to your customers and prospects.


If you really want to impress people why not add some foil blocking to you wall planner like we did for our 2019 A1 wall planners? We added a sparkly pattern in gold foil across the bottom edge and sides, and foiled the 2019 header. Against our black background the gold foil looks stunning and adds impact which is sure to gain everyone’s attention.


We can print both A2 and A1 2019 Wall Planners, and can leave them flat or fold to a suitable size for mailing out. If opting for A1 size, we recommend a paper weight of around 120gsm, to allow for the numerous folds to A4. For A2 wall planners we suggest you use 120gsm – 170gsm. If you would like a quote for wall planner printing, simply complete the form below.