Marstan makes a further Hot Foil Blocking Investment

Hot Foil Blocking

Marstan Press has purchased another hot foil blocking machine. The Gietz FSA 790 EFF B2 foiling machine is a fully rebuilt model supplied by Robert Stanley Equipment and comes less than six months since our entry into the foil blocking market.

Gietz Hot Foil Blocking Machine

Managing director Martin Lett Snr said the investment was necessary to keep up with demand after securing a major foiling contract. Following confirmation of the contract, the machine was sourced, viewed, financed and installed within a week.


Long Runs

The Gietz has a maximum sheet size of 560mm x 790mm and can run at speeds of up to 5,000 sheets per hour. The machine has four foil pulls hence we can run multi-colour foiling in one pass. The machine is ideal for longer run foiling work, such as the voucher foiling which forms part of the our new contract.


Learning Curve

Staff have been trained on the new machine since installation, and have used a lot of the basic know-how that was learnt on our first foiling machine. Steve Prior, Marstan’s finishing manager noted, ‘In the first month, it seemed like something changed on each run as our knowledge of the machine grew. Consequently we have trialed different foil widths, different print impositions and different foil grades to make sure we are able to achieve the optimal productivity.’

Marstan’s first foil blocking machine, a rebuilt Heidelberg Platen has been retained. It will be used for most of the short run foiling jobs that company produces, along with any embossing and debossing work. As a result of having two machines capable of foiling, embossing and debossing we have improved flexibility.


CreativityBrushed silver foil

Marketing director, Martin Lett Jnr commented, ‘It’s great to have a new in-house service to be able to offer our clients. The one thing that has struck us is that a lot of people aren’t aware of all the amazing things that can be achieved. We have had excellent support from new suppliers such as Foilco and UEI who have showcased a wide range of effects that can be used such as micro structure foiling and multilevel embossing. In the coming month we will be putting together our own brochure to showcase what we can offer. Our aim is to help clients step away from the standard gold and silver foiling and get them to try something new.’