New B1 Foil Blocking Investment Bolsters Capacity

Marstan Press is proud to announce the purchase of a B1 foil blocking machine. As a reflection of the rapid volume increase of foil blocked, embossed and die cut work, the machine is our fifth in three years.


In a UK first, Marstan will receive delivery of the LK106 B1 foil blocking and die cutting machine in early August.


The B1 machine offers far superior productivity and will be installed and operational in time for the very busy run up to Christmas. Marketing Director Martin Lett Jnr says, “a lot of the work we produce is marketing collateral for online retailers. Whether it is foil blocked vouchers for wine and food companies ior A5 leaflets with push out discount cards, this new machine will revolutionise production.”


Managing Director Martin Lett Snr added, “the quality of machines from China has improved dramatically in recent years. We sent our Foiling Manager to America to view the machine in action to ensure we were happy with the build quality, and we also received glowing reviews from finishing companies across the world.”


LK106 B1 Foil Blocking Machine

The machine which is heavily based on leading European models, can foil block at up-to 6500 B1 sheets per hour, and die cut at up-to 7500 B1 sheets per hour. It is equipped with remote diagnostics and a parts supply will be held at Marstan’s Bexleyheath site.


One of our regular jobs is the production of foil blocked vouchers. The new Lee King LK106 machine will be able to foil block 2.3m DL vouchers in a 24hr period, compared to 1.1m across all of the previously existing machines.


It will also enable us to foil block large items up to B1 size, which is particularly ideal for our trade foil blocking arm MP Foil Blocking.


If you would like a print or foiling quote please contact us and we will get a price back as quickly as possible.