1968 Revisited Foil Blocking Investment

1968 Revisited with New Foil Blocking Investment


Marstan Press is proud to announce the installation of a third foil blocking machine within a year. The machine, a Heidelberg GTP foiling Platen has been supplied fully refurbished by letterpress machine specialist CMI Print Services of Ipswich.Butterfly showing Foil Blocking


Marstan’s entry into the foil blocking market took place less than a year ago when a Heidelberg GT Platen was purchased from auction. Following that investment, a Gietz FSA 790 foiling press was installed in May off the back of a major contract win.


The latest addition to Marstan’s firepower also sees history repeating itself, as the current line-up of two platens and one cylinder replicates the line-up in 1968. Back then the machines were used for letterpress printing in the days before litho printing took off.


Managing Director, Martin Lett said, “The latest investment has been necessary to boost capacity and increase the production flexibility. We have been running the Gietz 24 hours a day almost continuously since May. Now that we have launched our trade foil blocking website mpfoilblocking.co.uk demand has increased further.”


Heidelberg platens for hot foil blockingMarstan have been busy producing creative marketing collateral to promote their foiling services. Sales and Marketing Director Martin Lett Jnr says, “Our first item has been a beautiful foiled butterfly postcard which was produced in six runs, using a different colour on each. What we are trying to do is show off what can be done with foiling, and encourage people to step away from just using silver and gold foil. Our second item is a little booklet that demonstrates the wider capabilities of the foil blocking machines, including embossing, debossing and micro-pattern foiling.”


At present the company is looking to fill its new additional capacity, but additional investments have not been ruled out. Martin Lett said, “We were very impressed by the setup at CMI and the support they have given us before and after our purchase.”